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refers to the fact that legal ownership is readily capable of being transferred from one owner to another by delivery or endorsement

Nominal Value

The outstanding amount the debtor owes the creditor.

Non-Financial Corporations Sector

The sector consisting of corporations whose principal activity is the production of market goods or non-financial services.

Non-Participating Preferred Share

A type of preferred share in which the payment of a “dividend” (usually at a fixed interest rate) is calculated according to a predetermined formula and not determined by the earnings of the issuer.

Non-Profit Institution Serving Households (NPISH) sector

The sector consisting of legal entities that are principally engaged in the production of non-market services for households or the community at large and whose main resources are voluntary contributions.

Note Issuance Facility (NIF) / Revolving Underwriting Facility (RUF)

A note issued under an NIF / RUF is a short-term debt security issued under a legally binding medium-term facility – a form of revolving credit.

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