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Angola President Fires Predecessor's Son as Wealth Fund Head


Angolan President Joao Lourenco dismissed the son of his predecessor Jose Eduardo dos Santos as chairman of the country’...

Monday's forex rates for Rwandan Franc


Kigali, Rwanda (PANA) - The following are Monday's foreign exchange rates for the Rwandan franc, as issued by the Nation...

African smart cities: A leap into the future?


By 2020, Africa is likely to be the fastest urbanizing continent in the world. It is currently the most rural -- only 40...

Fixing education system is key to solving Nigeria’s problems


The Nigerian education system produces large numbers of people who are unemployable. Citizens must hold the government t...

A look back at the year that the Sub-Saharan African startup scene found its stride


African tech in 2017 was about the normalization of market events mostly absent even a decade ago.

Why Rwanda's development model wouldn't work elsewhere in Africa


Rwanda is often touted as an example of what African states could achieve if only they were better governed.

Will Zimbabwe’s reforms go far enough?


Zimbabwe’s December budget was seen as a positive start for its new government, but deeper changes will need to be made ...

Mark Mobius, Emerging Markets Guru, to Retire After 30 Years


Veteran investor Mark Mobius, the bald-headed market guru who became one of the most recognized authorities on money-mak...

Kenya’s economy shows resilience


Kenya’s newly re-elected President Kenyatta faces problems with his discontented opponents in 2018, but prospects for th...

Angola: Signs of a new trajectory


Since taking office in September, President João Lourenço has introduced economic reforms and made some bold political m...