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Economic reform is making Africa an attractive market for FDI


EY has released the latest edition of its Attractiveness Programme in Africa report, revealing that foreign direct investment (FDI) indicators across the continent are increasingly promising. A combination of political changes and economic reforms appears to be an attractive prospect for foreign investors.

L’Afrique, championne secrète du multilatéralisme


L’engagement des pays africains en faveur du multilatéralisme est souvent passé inaperçu. Mais en un temps où le monde tourne chaque jour un peu plus le dos aux institutions communes, cette situation pourrait changer, car l’Afrique apparaît comme un champion énergique – et qui en a les moyens – du multilatéralisme, aux niveaux régionaux, continental et mondial.

Ethiopia unveils ‘blueprint’ to drive economic growth


The government of Ethiopia has unveiled what it describes as a “Homegrown Economic Reform” agenda aimed at unlocking the country’s development potential.

In a fracturing world, central banks still stuck together


The last time major central banks shifted gears together, it was a cooperative move to keep the financial crisis of a decade ago from becoming a full-bore, worldwide depression.

Ce que l’accord de libre échange signé en Afrique change pour le continent (et pour le reste du monde)


La Zone de libre-échange continentale, la Zlec, marquera le début de la coopération économique renforcée entre 54 des 55 pays africains.

ECOWAS Commission urges member states to strengthen regional trade, integration efforts


The Economic Community of West Africa States (ECOWAS) Commission has urged member states to address the challenges of trade regulations within the West African sub-region in order to boost trade and integration among the countries.

Malawi’s economy to grow by 5 percent in 2019


Malawi economy is projected to grow by 5 percent this year and 7 percent in 2020 after the return of rainfall after severe drought,Finance Minister Joseph Mwanamvekha said on Monday in an annual budget speech.

UN official cautions Ethiopia against debt burden


Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed claims his economic reforms will propel Ethiopia to become African icon of prosperity by 2030.

Ethiopia beats Kenya to foreign investment inflows crown


Ethiopia beat Kenya last year as the largest recipient of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) within the East African region, a new report released by financial consulting firm EY shows.

Debt Pile Looms Over Africa’s Fragile Economic Recovery


Africa’s pace of economic growth is set to pick up this year but the recovery remains patchy and debt levels are soaring, adding urgency to the continent’s drive to boost trade, experts told the World Economic Forum on Africa.

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