Webinar: COVID 19 – Performance of African local currency bonds versus other asset classes


As part of its series of activities on the impact of the COVID 19 pandemic, Making Finance Work for Africa (MFW4A) is hosting a webinar on the performance of the African local currency fixed income asset class compared to other asset classes globally, during this recent crisis.

During the one-hour webinar, panellists will assess and discuss the state of some of the major African economies during this global crisis, and how the governments and financial markets are dealing with the situation. The discussion will concentrate on the pan-African local currency fixed income asset class covering performance, volatility, liquidity on an absolute basis and relative to global peers. Our speakers, the AFMI Coordinator and the Head of Fixed Income at MCB Investment Management and fund manager of the African Domestic Bond Fund (ADBF) will provide an update on the performance of the fund. 

Expected outcomes 

The expected outcomes of this session are as follows: 

  • Foster a better understanding of challenges faced by the main African economies in the current global economic turmoil;
  • Based on experiences of past crises, how are investors assessing the risks of investing in Africa versus the rest of the world;
  • What has been the performance of the African fixed income asset class relative to other asset classes so far; 
  • How is the African Domestic Bond Fund, launched by AfDB, performing in this environment;
  • What are the views of the experts on this asset class in the short and long term.

At the end of the discussion, the key takeaways will be summarized in a post-event report and shared with participants and other stakeholders within the African financial ecosystem. A digital version will also be posted on MFW4A portal for public dissemination. 

Event format and audience

Representative of the African Development Bank and the Fund Manager of the ADBF will be leading the discussion on the impact of the global crisis on African Markets and explaining the performance of the asset class. The event will be in English, is a webinar format, held online on….

Speakers (to be confirmed) 

Albin Kakou, Senior Investment Officer and AFMI Coordinator, African Development Bank

Abhimanyu Yadav – Head of Fixed Income and Currency at MCB Investment Management Co. Ltd – Fund Manager of the African Domestic Bond Fund

Samir Gadio- Head of Africa Fixed Income Strategy, Standard Chartered


14th May 2020

Time: 12 :00- 13 : 00 GMT

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For more information, please contact the MFW4A Knowledge Management team:

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