African Domestic Bond Index Family

The ADBI family comprises a benchmark index and a Fundamental index. The benchmark index is the ABABI which is a rules-based market value weighted composite index calculated by Bloomberg BVAL Methodology. The African Fundamental Bond Index (AFBI) is a ranking of African local bond markets established by the AFMI team/AfDB.

  • The African Fundamental Bond Index: The African Fundamental Bond Index (AFBI) series are reflective of the recent developments of the local bond markets some of which have gained in strength in terms of liquidity and maturity profile using a common set of indicators. For more information, the AFMI team has released the 2014 annual AFBI report.
  • The "African Development Bank (AfDB/AFMISM) Bloomberg® African Bond Index” or ABABI (ticker BADB on Bloomberg Terminal). For more information, please consult the press release on Bloomberg or the AfDB webpages.