Regional Working Groups

Recognising the existing challenges to bond market development on the continent, the AFMI will create multi-disciplinary working groups to engage effectively with stakeholders, and to work in close cooperation and coordination with other development partners. The working groups will serve as platforms for policy dialogue, knowledge sharing, South-South collaboration, and will identify synergies between bond market development initiatives, including project funding and Stakeholder Technical Assistance needs.

To encourage country ownership and to empower the existing Regional Economic Communities (RECs), the multi-disciplinary working groups will be created to take into account the existing REC structures. As the administrators of sovereign debt and supervisors of national financial systems, the working groups will be led by the Central Banks for coordination between the various government agencies in identifying impediments to bond market development. The involvement of the public sector will draw attention to governance issues in the implementation of market reforms.

The Central Banks will be supported by the Secretariats of the RECs as channels for dissemination of information. It is envisaged that various stakeholder workshop and on-going meetings of the regional multi-disciplinary working groups will be organised through the Secretariats. It is expected that this will foster a regional approach to bond market development.

To become a member of a Regional Multi-disciplinary Working Group, contact the AFMI Support Team