Revue des marchés obligataires africains

Issue 18: March 2018

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In this issue, we introduce you to a Bond Markets Expert, Noy Siackhachanh. Noy has been working with ASEAN+3 on (i) Asian Bond Markets Initiative (ABMI) to support the development of the local currency bond (LCB) markets and promote regional bond market in emerging East Asia since 2007.

Noy led a team to work with ASEAN+3 policy makers on (i) the design and establishment of Credit Guarantee and Investment Facility (CGIF) to provide credit enhancement for LCBs and (ii) the preparation of the latest ABMI Medium-Term Roadmap.  She is currently working on a technical assistance project to promote green bonds for infrastructure development in the ASEAN+3 region. 

Prior to this position, Noy was Director of now Public Management and Finance divisions in East and Central Asia and Central and West Asia Regional Departments, and was an advisor in the Office of the President, after completing the Young Professionals Program. 

From 2000-2002, Noy worked at Deutsche Bank Research, Deutsche Bank, Germany, as the Head of Non-Japan Asia. 

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Featured Interview

Les enseignements des marchés obligataires d'asie

Les enseignements des marchés obligataires d'asie


Par Noy Siackhachanh, Conseiller principal, Département de la recherche économique et de la coopération régionale (ERCD), Banque Asiatique de Développement.

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